Q. Do you belong to a Professional Body?

Yes.  I am regulated by the BACP and am on the Accredited Register, which involves further training and examination.  Please visit for information and advice and support about your counselling.  I have to work withing their Ethical Framework, which is designed to keep you safe and ensure a standard of service.  I am also a Member of the EMDR Association UK. 

Q. How Long are the Sessions?

Sessions are generally 55 minutes long.  This can vary depending on need, and I would discuss that on an individual basis.

Q. How Often will I Need to Come?

Counselling often takes place weekly.  This again can vary and needs to fit in with your life and commitments. We would arrange this, and change this, to fit with you and your needs as your counselling progressed.

Q. How Do I Pay?

BACS by arrangement.

Q. What If I Want to Stop?

I would always advise what I felt was the best therapeutic time to bring counselling to an end, but, the sessions are yours and you are free to make your own choices about how long you attend for.

Q. Is it OK to Try Counselling and See if I Want to Carry On?

Of course.  Almost everyone comes to their first session a little unsure, and uses that time to decide if it is going to be right for them.